Chase Freedom® Student credit card

Chase Freedom® Student credit card

Want to have Chase Freedom Student Credit card? You are at the right place, we are here to help you Purchase the card for your need, This card is for students credit card and has no mimimum redemtion of cashback which ever the amount you have cashback you can easily revert back

we have Researched for Student Credit card and Found this Chase Freedom Student Credit card for you as this has 1% Cashback on all Purchase and also this gives you a bonus of $50.

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What are the Rewards of Freedom Student Credit card

If a Card Holder Purchases any Product within 3 months of card Activation then the Cardholder will get $50 Bonus
On All the Purchases you will Earn 1% CashBack
Good Standing Bonuses for Up to 5 Years which is $20
Till date if your account is Open Your Cashback points Do not Expire, No Minimum Redemtion of Cashback

Chase Freedom® Student credit card Pros & Cons

Annual Fee is $0APR 16.49% V
On All the Purchases You will Get 1% CashBack
Good Standing Bonuses for Up to 5 Years which is $20
Initial Bonus is $50

Chase Freedom® Student credit card Review

The Chase Freedom® Student credit card is a good option for students with poor credit. Freedom Student offers no annual cost and pays cardholders who retain their account in good standing a $20 bonus after each account anniversary for up to five years.

Freedom Student also provides a $50 welcome incentive for making a single purchase during the first three months, 1% cash back on all purchases, and the prospect of a credit limit increase following at least five consecutive on-time payments made within ten months of account establishment.

No Annual Fee

Annual Fee for Chase Fredom Student Credit Card is $0. This is $21 Less Than the average Credi Card Offer Charges

Initial Bonus of $50

3 Months From the Opening of Chase Freedom Student Credit card if a card holder makes a single Purchase than the Card Holder will get a Initial Bonus of $50

Anniversery Bonus For upto 5 Years

On Each of your First Five Years the Chase Freedom Student will give you a bonus of $20 till the account is open and regular in Payments

Solid Rewards

CardHolders will get a 1% Cashback on Freedom Student Credit Cards

Other Benefits

Freedom student card holders enjoy other benefits of trip cancellation/interruption insurance, Extended warranty Protection,Purchase Protection


The interest rate for Freedom Student is 16.49 percent (V). That’s close to the average for student credit card offers (16.25 percent), but it’s still not low enough to justify carrying a load from month to month with this card. To put it another way, you should use this card for ordinary expenditures that you can afford to pay off by the due date.

Specially for Students Credit card

Most student credit cards are designed for persons with little or no credit history. You must also have enough money to be able to afford a credit limit of at least $500. On that point, cardholders are eligible for a credit limit increase after making five consecutive on-time bill payments within ten months of starting their account. Being qualified for a greater limit, however, does not ensure it.

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Chase Freedom Student credit card’s other Additional Info

Cash Advance APR26.49% (V)
Cash Advance FeeEither $10 or 5% of the amount of each transaction, whichever is greater
Foreign Transaction Fee3% of each transaction in U.S. dollars
Smart ChipYes, chip-and-signature
Max Late FeeSee Terms
Max Overlimit FeeSee Terms
Grace PeriodSee Terms
Max Penalty APR29.99% (V)

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